I have been lucky to travel a lot recently, and Dubai has been a great base to visit the Far East from.

Angela and I seem to have a habit of visiting Italy every other year as well, but I think we will break the habit this year and explore more of South East Asia.

Please click on any of the photos on the right to view collections from each place of interest. Before 2009 we occasionally took a point and shoot camera with us, but from now on my DSLR is going everywhere with me.

At least some things have improved - generally horizons are horizontal these days!

Please keep visiting from time to time as this is a work in progress.
Zurich 2010Yas Hotel, Abu DhabiMauritius 2010Hanoi, Vietnam 2009Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 2009Ta Prohm, Cambodia 2009Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2009Bayon Temple, Cambodia 2009Angkor Thom, Cambodia 2009Other Temples and Sights, Siem Reap Cambodia 2009Bangkok, Thailand 2009Bahrain Grand Prix - 26th April 2009Dublin 2009Italy 2008KL 2008USA 2004Venice 2004AssortedOxfordshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire 2010