Photography has been a passion of mine since 2009, when I bought my first Digital SLR camera. I have had an interest in photography since my childhood when I was trusted enough to use my father's Olympus 35mm film camera, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to bite the bullet and buy my own 'proper' camera. I am self taught and the instant results of a digital camera has helped a lot in that respect, although I have attended some courses which have been facilitated by Gulf Photo Plus, who run 2 weeks of workshops annually with Internationally acclaimed photographers running courses in March and November annually.

Living in Dubai since 2005 has given me the opportunity to witness a city growing literally before my eyes. The architecture knows no bounds. Also, living in the Middle East has allowed me to travel to destinations which would not have been possible while living in my native UK.

Initially I took to photographing architecture and the skyline of Dubai. Photographing the skyline during the daytime lead to night photography, when the buildings are beautifully lit. Night photography uses longer exposures which leads to interesting effects and so I then moved on to long exposure during daytime with ND filters. It is rare to find clouds in the United Arab Emirates, let alone rain and proper weather, but daytime long exposures create an effect which has always interested me.

At the same time I was travelling to the Far East and Indian Ocean Islands, and wanted to try to capture visits to far flung destinations. All the time, while focused on cityscapes, landscapes and nightscapes I was trying to keep people out of the frame.

Finally, a visit to souks in Dubai gave me a change of direction with my photography. Instead of trying to capture the view I decided to capture the people living and working in areas of Dubai which tourists do not often visit. Dubai is a cultural melting pot, but the cultures don't generally mix. The souks have a timeless feel with friendly people visiting and working in them, so I moved more towards street photography, candid and environmental portraits. Using black and white as a medium helps create that timeless feel. The harsh flat light in Dubai, combined with dusty atmosphere, does not lead to particularly great colour photography year round, although the winter months offer better shooting.

I also now shoot portraiture and architecture on a freelance basis, and have been published in local media and magazines in the United Arab Emirates.

I shoot Nikon with a variety of Pro Nikkor lenses, and use B+W filters whenever there are clouds or a seascape to shoot, and process through Lightroom, Photoshop CS5 and various plug ins.