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Hi Phil!amazing work,your portfolio is amazing...
can you please tell us wich camera are you using for your B/W?
thank you so much!

Very nice car racing shots.
Nandakumar, Wavelength, CiC(non-registered)
Your images are all classic. Enjoyed visiting your site.
Regards :)
Anita van der Krol(non-registered)
Saw your website for the second time, even more interesting than last time.
It feels like a continuation of my website.
So together we make history.
Awesome photos, great portfolio...

Your B&W work inspired me. I love your portraits. I also live in Dubai but I hadn't seen the beauty of its people before seeing it through you lens. Great job.
Paul Heupel(non-registered)
Phil, your color work is superb. However I find your B&W work masterful. Very well done.
I am surprised that your photographs are only published in the Middle East. Your work is outstanding and are "Art" in the truest sense of the word.
I followed the link from you comment on my web page to this site. What amazingly beautiful work! I'm just starting out, and have so much to learn. Looking through your images was a great inspiration.
Anita van der Krol(non-registered)
Only in 2009 you started! amazing.. you do a very good job! I wish you succes in this special town and surroundings.
Anita van der Krol
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